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The spirit of KonTiki & Hanau Epe

lives within ConTiki Paddlesurf
"Good Luck in Adventure"
This is what we're all about!

About us:

Our Pro Staff is comprised of those who know & love the water!

♦ Cliff... our lead paddler grew up in California, started surfing at age 12 & has
spent most of his life surfing California's coast.  Being completely immersed in
surfing he became involved in the surf industry as a Competitor, Contest Judge
& Surf Coach.  After years of living & surfing in Huntington Beach he established
his own company, Blast Sports... 1988.  In 2005 he moved his family to South Lake
Tahoe to begin the next phase.  Cliff immediately started paddling Kayaks for
fishing & exploration along the shores of Tahoe & surrounding lakes.  In 2008 he
discovered the glide of Stand Up Paddling!  Cliff applied his lifetime of knowledge
& water skills to Stand Up Paddling & became an accomplished race competitor.
He brings out the best in his paddlers with simple progressive techniques.  He's
also an avid Fisherman with over 45 years of angling experience.  The progression
to SUP fishing & surfing has been a natural one which has taken fishing & surfing
to a whole new level!  Cliff is a resident of South Lake Tahoe & PSIA/AASI certified
Ski & Snowboard Coach.

♦ Tim... our right hand paddler, grew up surfing in La Jolla, CA.  He's been surfing
for over 30 years.  Tim also spent time in Hawaii which has given him a good solid
understanding of paddling techniques & movement on the water.  Tim is a certified
PSIA/AASI Ski & Snowboard Coach, Resort Trainer & ExaminerHis knowledge
& skill brings out the best in Pro Skiers every year.  By applying his teaching &
coaching skills to Stand Up Paddling he's become an awesome SUP Instructor.
Tim is a resident of South Lake Tahoe with a passion for water sports.  It's this
passion for the water, that led him to Stand Up Paddling!

In the sport of surfing 95% of your time is spent paddling.  The understanding
of ocean conditions/currents in an unforgiving environment, can mean survival!
Efficient paddling is
an essential part of surfing.  Combined, we've over 75 years
of surfing experience!  During winter we teach/coach Skiing & Snowboarding.
As experienced Instructors we understand balance & movement on the water,
whether it be on liquid or frozen.  As professionals we understand progressive
teaching, no matter what your athletic ability may be.  Our skilled Pro Staff has
an awareness of the sometimes harsh mountain environment.  These are a few good reasons why our Pro Instructor/Guides are the best!  To enhance your fun
& adventure we are "mobile", meeting our guests at different beaches around
Lake Tahoe.  This allows for more adventure & enhances your experience.  We'd
love to share our passion for adventure & exploration with you!  Come join us...

~ Established April 2013 ~

ConTiki Paddlesurf is a complete SUP Outfitter

offering Boards, Paddles & Gear for Sale or Rental.

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