ConTiki Paddlesurf
Lake Tahoe

Know the weather

before you go!

Life Jackets

The Warehouse is
located 1/3 mile
from Regan Beach

SUP Rates & Services:


♦ Stand Up Paddle-Rental Rates ♦

(as of May 1,2018)

1 hour = $20

2 hour = $30
3 hour = $50
All Day (9am-5pm) = $70
~ All rentals include SUP Board, Paddle & PFD ~
"We Deliver"
15 minute Mini Lessons for First Time Paddlers are available to help learn SUP
basics & fundamentals. The "Mini Lesson" is designed to teach the following:
- "The Pop Up" to establish a good balanced stance -
- How to use the paddle -
- Self rescue -
asics are highly recommended especially if you've never been on a
Stand Up Paddleboard. Water skills are essential when on the water!
Transportation charges may apply based on destination
Gratuities are greatly appreciated
- Stand Up Paddle.. "SUP" is a water sport, having the ability to swim is required!
- All paddlers must have a valid photo ID & be age 18+ to rent any SUP equipment.
- All paddlers assume full responsibility for any loss or damage to rental equipment.
- A responsible party must sign a liability waiver for each SUP rental, lesson or tour.
- Under age 18 must have a liability waiver signed by a legal parent or guardian.
- Compliance to current → Marine Safety Regulations ← is mandatory!
Our ConTiki Crew may be upon the water.
Call us direct
 Cool We Deliver & Pick Up Cool
You decide where you want to paddle, we deliver directly to that beach!
Get Directions To:
3100 Nevada Avenue
South Lake Tahoe California 96150